The term houseboat is used very loosely to describe a small structure designed to be used as a primary home or as a secondary home to be used for living and travelling on waterways. Different versions of houseboats include such things as ones with just one cabin that is used as a bedroom and living […]


Every year we celebrate canal day here in Banbury in England, and it is our love of the English waterways that always creates a buzz around this time of year. The birds are chirping, the flowers are in full bloom, and the temperatures are perfect for a nice day out on the canal. Every year,

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canal boat

Many people are taking the plunge (pun fully intended) and leaving dry land behind to live on a canal boat. The very idea conjures up ideas of an idyllic lifestyle, cruising along canalways alongside sunny country fields, before tying up your home in a picturesque location. Having the freedom to move and live anywhere may

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Implementing a canal into your community can provide countless benefits to the landscape of a small-town community. It is incredibly common for businesses to fail to fully appreciate the importance of their community trying to change their landscape as much as they possibly can. A failure for places to constantly seek new ways of adapting

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