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Sell Your House Fast And Live on A Canal Boat

If you want to sell your house fast and live on a houseboat, then this is the article for you.  We recently had a number of people that came to us looking for advice on this very subject, which has prompted this response from us.  Especially during the current financial climate, more and more people are looking to downsize and move into a home that is more affordable.  This has also been increased by the demand for micro-homes and smaller properties.  Many people prefer the idea of living a smaller, minimalist lifestyle where they actually own the property they live in.  If this sounds like you, then this article is designed to showcase some of the real life examples of people who sold their house to live in a canal boat.

sell your house fast

Sell Your House Fast And Get a House Boat

Our first story is from a young couple in England, who were paying a sizable mortgage for a small property just outside the city.  They had relatives who owned a houseboat, and they had always expressed an interest in the lifestyle.  When the offer came up to buy the boat, they were hesitant at first, and decided to think it over.  Their relatives were now getting a bit older, and they already had a small cottage that they owned, so they were in no rush to sell.  The ability to sell your house fast online made the decision for them a lot easier.  Within just a few months they had wrapped up their mortgage, sold their house, and found themselves moving into a houseboat in the sunny English countryside.

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A Tragedy Turned Into A Beautiful Story

Another story we received was from a middle aged couple also in England.  They had tragically lost their house in a fire, and were absolutely devastated.  They decided that out of this horrible event they would make the most out of.  So, they pursued one of their oldest ambitions of living in a houseboat.  It was actually very simple, as the insurance paid out for the house and left them with a substantial chunk of money, so they bought the nicest houseboat they could that was moored in their hometown.  They moved in and are absolutely loving the lifestyle.  They do not plan on living there forever, however they say that they see it as a great way of spending some time doing exactly what they want to do after going through the ordeal of losing their home in a fire.

sell your house fast

Some Advice For Aspiring House Boat Owners

If these stories have inspired you and you feel like you want to give the houseboat lifestyle a shot, then this should hopefully be of some use.  Please read our short guide here and make sure you do some extensive research both online and within the houseboat community first before embarking on this journey.  It is certainly not for everyone, however for those that it does appeal to there is no better way of life in our opinion.


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